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These next few documents were from Mike Lowney. He had a copy of this brochure from our retreat in Gloucester. I haven't thought about that weekend in years, but I remember being very impressed at the time. Out of curiosity I looked to see if the retreat house is still active, here's a link to their website: Eastern Point Retreat House

  Gloucester Retreat brochure

  Lowney letter of acceptance

Here's a letter from Fr. Foley dated Mar 9, 1962. Apparently Mike was the very first student accepted for our class.

  Jenny Kissed Me

The playbill for Jenny Kissed Me, presented by Rose Hawthorne on May 3, 1964.

  Charley's Aunt

The playbill for Charley's Aunt, presented by the Xavier Dramatic Society on May 8, 1965.

  Vox newspaper

Volume II, Issue 3 from March, 1966.

  Newspaper article about the closing announcement

On January 9, 1970, Fr. Vigneau announced that the Jesuits intended to withdraw from Xavier. Half of the Jesuit teachers would leave in June, 1970, and the remainder would depart in June, 1971. (The use of "withdraw", as opposed to "close", was meant to leave open the possibility that some other group might assume responsibility for the school.)

Terry Culhane

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