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Jim Mason sent this treasure trove of letters and brochures – an amazing collection. Jim's mom set aside virtually everything related to the early days of Xavier. Grace Mason was a rock-star in the Pantheon of savers!

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  The original Xavier brochure

This brochure appears to have been published before the school had opened.

  A revised Xavier brochure

Judging from the photos, this version must to have been created a couple of years later.

  Acceptance Letter

These were sent out May 25, 1962. Reading through these documents, I'm really struck by 1962 prices. Registration was just $10.00!

  Xavier Scholarships

This article from the Boston Globe is undated, but these scholarships were probably announced as the acceptance letters were going out.

  Registration confirmation

Dated June 18, 1962. This letter includes our summer reading list.

  Bus information

Dated July 19, 1962.

  Welcome letter

Sent in August 1962, this letter includes an invitation to an open house.

  Welcome to Xavier

A copy of the handout for the Open House held Sunday, Aug 26, 1962.

  Academic Calendar 1962/1963

  Invitation to the Dedication

Cardinal Cushing blessed and dedicated the school on Sep 10, 1962.

  Program from the day of the Dedication

  Parents' Night

A letter from Fr. Vigneau inviting our parents to visit the school on Thursday, October 4, 1962. There's mention of an upcoming aptitude test, (with a fee of $1.00!) It's interesting to note from his comments that even 50 years ago the value of testing was controversial.

  Snow policy

A letter from Fr. Vigneau explaining the policy for cancelling school on snow days, as well as making some miscellaneous announcements. This letter also included our results from the "Academic Promise Test" mentioned above.

  Student Regulations

Firm but fair.

  Letter to Parents, April 1963

Fr. Vigneau explains the academic options for our sophomore year, and announces the upcoming Father/Son night. Check out the 1963 prices. An evening including activities, dinner, a movie and a guest speaker from the Boston Patriots – $1.50.

  New bus company, May 1963

Apparently the previous year's arrangements hadn't been satisfactory.

  Xavier jackets – just $15.00!

Click on the link for ordering details. (Photos courtesy of Brian Dowd, and no, it doesn't fit him anymore.)

Jacket, front Jacket, back

  Boston Globe article about graduation

A brief article about the school and our graduation. It includes a nice profile of Mike McFarland.

  Ticket to the Commencement Exercises

Wednesday, June 8, 1966

  Commencement Program

  Academic Awards

  Scholarships awarded to the Class of 1966

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