In Memoriam

I understand this is a complete list of our classmates who have passed away, (as of May, 2017).


Edgie Cronin died in 1969, and Jim Mason visited him often during his illness. Jim describes Edgie's final days at the Chelsea Naval hospital here:  Edgie's bio.  Jim also wrote a poem dedicated to the memory of Edgie,   “Conversation with a friend”

After Larry Monks died in July, 2004, his wife Barbara asked Mike Allen to write a eulogy. Mike was in Thailand at the time, so his daughter Jessica, who also loved Larry, delivered it at the funeral.   The Eulogy

Mark McKenna's brother Ned, and his wife Mary Sue, have written Mark's biography for the years after Xavier. You can find it here:   Mark's bio

Charlie Hegarty has written a biography for Jack Leonard covering the years after Xavier:   Jack's bio

Anthony Martignetti passed away in 2015, and his publisher and friend Nivi Nagiel has written this update:   Anthony's bio

Charlie Hegarty has also written a biography for John Murphy:   John's bio

Adam Rakiey's wife Nancy has sent in an update for Adam's years after high school:   Adam's bio

John Dzerkacz passed away on May 8, 2017. His reunion bio is here:   John's bio.  And here is a link to his obituary:   John's Obituary


Terry Culhane

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