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Neal Walker

It began with all of you in Concord in September of 1962. Concord has been quite a factor in my life. I was one of those who should not have gone to college after Xavier, at least not in 1966. I was not in focus. Fairfield University did little for me except keep me out of Vietnam which was likely a huge thing. With a BA in Economics(?) and five semesters of philosophy(!) I had not a clue what would come next, except for my number 89 in the draft lottery. So it was the US Army, Fort Polk Louisiana 1971 and everyone I had lived with for those six months of basic training was going to Vietnam but me. I was going to Boston and seven years in the Army Reserve. What a strange trip, a strange time.


For a hundred and two years someone in my family had worked in the Post Office. Starting in 1913 my grandfather was a letter carrier, my father was the Postmaster of Boston and the last of us, my nephew, retired in 2015 as a postal executive in Pennsylvania. I had always worked in the PO summers and Christmas, even part time in Fairfield Connecticut, so in 1972, clueless, I was working full time, delivering the mail, bored to death. I was probably about to quit when a management trainee program and my BA opened a fascinating door. I have worked in 27 postal facilities, all three work shifts, from Manchester New Hampshire to GPO New York (the one with “Neither snow nor rain…” on the frieze. My boss there went on to be the number 2 guy, the Deputy Postmaster General). I was likely the least bureaucratic bureaucrat, knew nobody got rich moving mail, and saw that the most autonomy to be had was in the position of Postmaster.

In 2003 I retired after 23 years as the Postmaster of Concord, and 36 years of service. I cannot walk through the town any day without seeing people I know, sharing a word. I like that. I will always be grateful for living and working in a place like Concord and having shared my roots here with all of you.

I was fortunate to have my parents deep into their old age with relative good health, Lillian to 88 and George just shy of 96. I was the son living closest and found myself more in the role of parent as they aged. Mom would of course reassert her role of matriarch on occasion but Dad was content to let someone else take over. They had been together since they were 16. My Dad was a different and smaller person when she was gone but still a hit with his 18 great grandchildren. I envy those of you who have children.


I have seen a moderate amount of the world but after three weeks in China in 1987 my conception of the planet and my place on it changed forever. I recall standing on a street corner in a city I had never heard of before or since, when I realized I was the object of considerable curiosity. I was the only non-Chinese person there. It occurred to me that I could have been born there and not in Cambridge. That was jarring! After I retired the entrepreneur in me emerged. I had long wanted to be a builder. With the help of a builder friend looking over my shoulder I built a high end house in Lexington, 6000 square feet. I was ready to do another. We closed in August 2008 two weeks before the market crashed. There was not another house sold in Lexington at that price or higher for almost two years. I retired from building too.

My days are nicely full enough. Some rental property and far too many collector cars ('50s and '60s American LARGE) keep me busy.

At the summer solstice of 2012 I married my second wife Sandy on the same beach in Marshfield that the two of us had shared as infants and teenagers in summer romance. Imagine finding love at our age. We live in Concord and Truro and Florida. It has come to be a wonderful trip, a wonderful time.

   Neal Walker
   P.O. Box 1
   57 Woodland Road
   Concord, MA 01742-0001

   978-844-3873 cell, 978-369-3366 home    40 Parker Drive
   Truro, MA 02666


Hudson Warren

Hud Warren is the Founder and President of China West Global, headquartered in the Los Angeles area with international coverage. China West Global provides facilitation of business dealings between Chinese & American Companies, expert advice in the areas of transportation contract negotiation & cost reduction, international trade, supply chain, cross cultural joint ventures, distribution and transportation strategy.

Warren,H 2016

I was pleased and honored to become part of the first graduating class of Xavier High School in Concord, Massachusetts in 1966, and I credit the Jesuit and lay faculty, and the environment amongst outstanding classmates, in helping to form character that has opened opportunities throughout my entire life.

My Supply Chain career began upon graduating from The Massachusetts Maritime Academy, after which I served as a Deck Officer onboard various container ships and tankers traveling globally.

Early in my career, I joined the executive ranks of Tropical Shipping Company, headquartered in Rivera Beach, Florida. I was posted to several overseas locations including; Grand Cayman, Barbados, and Trinidad. During the eighteen years I spent with Tropical, I maintained a number of responsibilities including: warehousing, trucking, port operations, chartering, line management and ultimately rose to fill the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Later, I joined P&O Containers Ltd., playing a leadership role in the merger of P&O with Nedlloyd, where I was promoted to Western Region Vice President and established their operating and customer service presence on the West Coast, spanning from Mexico in the South to Vancouver in the North, including establishment of a regional headquarters in Southern California.

Warren,H 1966

Beginning in 1999 I joined Herbalife International, assuming the role of Vice President of Global Transportation, Distribution, Customs & Trade Compliance. Herbalife markets a wide-range of Nutrition and Personal Care products as well as Promotional Material, operating in over 62 countries. I was honored by Herbalife by being invited to establish the Logistics Program for all of Europe & The UK, based in Venray, The Netherlands, and later to assume a joint-leadership role in the establishment of a wholly-owned Foreign Enterprise in the People’s Republic of China. I'm also a Managing Partner of 4G LED, based in Nashua, N.H.

As far as extracurricular volunteer activities, I'm past President & Chairman of the Propeller Club of Los Angeles – Long Beach, past President of the Foreign Trade Association, the oldest non-profit in California, past President of the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles County, under the US Department of State, and past President of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Other board memberships have included the California State University at Dominguez Hills, the International Trade Education Program, and I was a Plenary Member of the District Export Council, as appointed by the United States Secretary of Commerce.

I am also the Founder and Chairman of the American Chinese Friendship Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is committed to furthering cultural, technological and educational exchange between the United States and other countries.

I currently call Pasadena, CA home.

   Hudson R. Warren Jr.
   P.O. Box 70609
   Pasadena, CA 91101
   (310) 984.6996

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