Dedicated to Edgie Cronin, a poem by Jim Mason


Conversation with a friend

i am at peace, very quiet now
its been a long time, i deal somehow
i still remember those dingy green walls
and feeling trapped in institution halls
you remained beside me until the end
and carried me to this place, loyal friend
so tell me now, you did promise me this
its forty seven years, what have i missed

i can only hope that nam is done
have we learned from this, what have we won
i've heard some rumors from new arrivals
the cold war ends, a europe revival
and changes in medicine, could it be
that a new found cure would benefit me

wow!, the long curse of the bambino ends
that's got to be the greatest news my friend
can hardly believe that the pats won four
i only hope we can win a lot more
on nine eleven i did perceive
a lot more new souls we did receive
and how's the city that i hailed from
and what new social changes have come

i often contemplate what might be
would i have gone back for my degree
would i meet someone to be my wife
i'd want four children to share my life
thanks my friend you have never forgot
i know i haunt you, it means a lot
i hope to see you but not just yet
keep thinking of me please don't forget

Terry Culhane

© 2016-2017